Almost half of Freesat box buyers choose connected Freetime TV

Word seems to be spreading fast about Freesat’s internet-connected TV service Freetime, a rival to BT and TalkTalk’s YouView, which now accounts for almost half of all Freesat boxes sold…

Freesat, subscription-free satellite TV, is watched in 24,000 more homes than at the start of 2014, and almost half of Freesat boxes now sold are now of the internet-ready variety.

According to Freesat's latest financials, 6,000 boxes were sold in the three months to the end of June alone. As a result, Freesat's now watched by an audience of more than 3.8 million each week.

Freetime, Freesat's connected TV service, which offers similar on-demand options to YouView, has also shown itself to be very popular in the 18 months since it launched.

In fact, Freetime now accounts for 47% of all Freesat set-top boxes sold in the UK.

Freesat's managing director, Emma Scott, said: "I'm constantly encouraged by the number of people that are switching away from paying for their TV every month.

"Our good start to the year has continued to the second quarter, and the mixture of great programming, brilliant features and no monthly bills is proving to be a very compelling proposition."

The way Freesat works is like Freeview, except it's received by a satellite dish instead of an aerial. You get about 200 TV and radio channels without paying monthly bills, although you have to buy the box outright - as well as a dish if you don't already have one.

If you opt for one of Freesat's more expensive boxes, with the Freetime connected TV service onboard, you'll also be able to access a range of catch-up and on-demand content delivered over your broadband connection.

An alternative to Freesat's Freetime platform, especially if you don't fancy forking out for the box, is a BT or TalkTalk TV and broadband bundle, both of which come with a YouView box included for a similar connected TV experience.

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