September iPhone 6 reveal may be forced to focus on smaller model

Apple’s expected to unveil the latest iPhones at an event in September, but reports suggest that one of the two models in development will be delayed. Let’s look at the rumours…

For months, we've been hearing rumours Apple is planning to release two versions of the iPhone 6 this year - one traditional iPhone-sized device, and - excitingly - one with a much bigger 5.5in screen.

However, it looks like we may be waiting a while for the big boy, as sources close to Apple have claimed it's likely to be delayed.

According to Apple enthusiast site 9to5Mac's sources, at least one new iPhone is likely to be unveiled in the second or third week of September. Note that they say likely and not certain - that's because, if the rumours are to be believed, there's trouble at t'mill.

Well, at the manufacturing plant more accurately. The larger 'phablet' iPhone is reportedly experiencing delays in testing and manufacture, and might not be ready for September. If that's the case, Apple will debut the 4.7in version without its big brother.

But could there be another model on display anyway? To date, most of the rumours about the iPhone 6 have indicated there'll be a big one and a small one, but a listing from a company that makes smartphone cases has sparked speculation there could be at least two more.

XtremeGuard is taking orders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6c covers, which both come in two sizes, 4.7in and 5.5in. That's got some people wondering if Apple's planning a new version of the (relatively) cheaper iPhone 5c.

Frankly, we're completely open to the prospect of Apple releasing a new version of the 5c - the company typically iterates on every model after all. However, we'd be surprised if Apple launched four handsets this year. If the iPhone 6c is indeed a thing, we wouldn't expect to see it until next year.

So, as is ever the case with Apple, we'll have to wait and see. Typically the company unveils new products in September, so no matter how many iPhones are on the way, expect to see something concrete then.

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