iPhone 6 available from 14 October?

Apple Store sources have suggested the new iPhone will become available on 14 October. We have a look at the latest round of iPhone speculation…

The new iPhone 6 could be released on Tuesday, 14 October, according to a new report.

A source told Apple enthusiast site Mac Rumors that Apple Store employees have been told October will be an incredibly busy month, and that 14 October will be an "immense" day for Apple.

The general consensus seems to be that Apple's going to hold one of its flashy launches for the new iPhone in the second week of September, which would put the release date at around 14 October. In that sense, the rumour's credible, as it allow Apple plenty of time to rack up pre-orders.

However, as Mac Rumors points out, Apple traditionally releases its new phones on a Friday, and 14 October is a Tuesday. But, according to the source, Apple's has an ample supply of the new iPhone, and that, combined with high demand, means it's bringing the release date forward.

Not mentioned is whether the rumoured 5.5in version of the iPhone 6 will be making an appearance alongside the standard-sized version. Current scuttlebutt has it that the bigger model's been plagued by manufacturing and testing issues, and won't be out until later this year or even sometime next year.

As ever with Apple, it's impossible to know for sure what's really going on until Tim Cook's standing on stage waving the new handset around like a feather duster. For now though, we're happy to take mid-October as a general estimate of when the new iPhone will land.

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