Would you admit to playing mobile phone games on the loo?

Almost half of smartphone owners in the UK confess they play games on the toilet, while a third play at work and one in five can’t eat dinner without gaming on the side…

New research shows that as a nation we're potty about mobile gaming, and to half of us even a toilet break is an opportunity to try and notch up a new high score.

A survey by Mind Candy, the company behind a new mobile phone game called Moshling Rescue, found men have the worst bathroom habits overall, with 56% of male gamers getting their fix whilst perched on the porcelain throne, compared to 35% of women.

But it seems no room in the house is safe from our mobile gaming addiction. While 58% of us play games just before we go to sleep at night, and 32% have another go as soon as they wake up, an obsessive one in five mobile gamers even play at the dinner table.

Over 40% play games on their commute to work and nearly a third have carried on mashing buttons at their desk when they should be working.

Mind Candy's company president, Divinia Knowles, said: "This research shows that many people play mobile games as a way to take time out of their day to relax and unwind, which you could say makes it the equivalent of a modern-day cigarette break.

"The proliferation of smartphones means that gaming on the go is becoming the norm, and the variety on offer means we're spoilt for choice."

Playing mobile games is also taking precedence over other aspects life at home for some smartphone owners, including watching TV (37%), getting ready for work (12%) and even interacting socially with others.

One in 10 men who took part in the survey even said they'd rather play games on their mobile phone than spend quality time with their other half.

This follows recent broadbandchoices research that showed our obsession with mobile gadgetry now starts at a young age. We found that 90% of under-14s in the UK have a mobile phone, and 52% of kids under 10 have one, with 10 being the average age children first get a handset.

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