The future in your pocket - this phone makes 3D holograms

A Chinese manufacturer’s shown off a new 3D holographic handset that seems like it’s straight out of Star Trek. We take a look at the Takee 1…

As someone who spent long chunks of his childhood imagining what the future would be like, let me tell you - it's been a big letdown so far. Where are the flying cars? Why haven't we colonised Mars yet? And where are all the cool Star Wars-esque holograms?

Well, we may finally be getting somewhere on that last one - Chinese company Takee has apparently created the world's first holographic smartphone.

The device, called the Takee 1, features four front-facing cameras that track eye movement, and uses that to project images that appear to be floating above its screen. You'll be able to interact with the apparent holograms through gestures - for example, moving them away with a wave of your hand, or pinching in and out to zoom. It all sounds appropriately futuristic.

On the back there are two cameras that can capture 3D pictures, which themselves can be displayed as holograms by the screen. Takee says you'll be able to print your multi-dimensional snaps off on a 3D printer too.

There's no word on when the Takee 1 will come out as yet, and while it sounds incredible, we've yet to see any evidence how well it will work in reality. It's one of those cases where the only way to know is to try one out.

My inner child wants it to work as advertised so much - he may not have a hoverboard, but the Takee 1 would do him just fine.

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