Children got smartphones? Maybe you should download TimeAway

The latest new addition to mum and dad’s arsenal is a free Android app that allows you to monitor and limit what your children can do on their smartphone and when…

If you're tired of telling your kids to put their phone away, oryou're worried about what they might be accessing on it, there's anew Android app that you might find useful.

TimeAway allows you to monitor and control your children's useof mobile devices and apps. All you have to do is downloadTimeAway - it's free, don't worry - on your device as well as thosebelonging to your kids. It'll let you add a password so they can'tuninstall it.

So, what exactly can you do with TimeAway? Well, it's a lot likethe DinnerTime app my colleague Helen wrote about a few weeks back- but with nifty added features, like being able to track yourkids' locations on Google Maps when they're out and about.

You'll also get daily reports of how much time they've spent ontheir device.

Here's what TimeAway's creators say about it: "When your childfirst learnt to ride a bike, did you simply put her on atwo-wheeler and let her go? Probably not. It was a process … andyou were on the sidelines coaching her through it.

"It's the same with TimeAway. Our app lets you put boundaries onthe internet, so your kid can gradually lean to become aresponsible citizen of the web. It's the perfect solution for yourkid's first tablet or phone."

At the moment, TimeAway has one major drawback - it's onlyavailable on Android, so it isn't compatible with iPhones, iPads,BlackBerrys or Windows Phone devices.

Yesterday I wrote about the Kudoso router, a Kickstarter project that needs $50,000 to get off theground. It's a special wireless broadband router for families,which allows parents to block their kids from the internet untilthey've completed their chores.

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As aparent, do you find apps like TimeAway useful? Have your say in thecomments.

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