2014, the year the World Cup went mobile - how’ve you kept up?

There’s no denying the World Cup has the world captivated, but this year it’s not only our telly’s we’ve turned to for our footy fix - Brazil 2014 has seen the beautiful game go mobile…

2014 has been the year the World Cup went mobile, analysis by Allot Communications, a broadband and mobile traffic optimisation company, has shown.

Real-time data revealed that, during matches, use of sports apps for the likes of BBC Sport, ESPN and Eurosport was up 300% on average levels.

The stats also showed that World Cup watchers are taking to social networks in their droves while matches are being played. Use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram and Viber were up 200% on average usage during games.

We imagine that the broadbandchoices team were responsible for some of that increase - tweet after tweet flew round as we watched Germany demolish Brazil in amazement…not to mention mild discomfort.

"Our analysis of mobile traffic surrounding the World Cup games definitely showed us that it's all about the online experience," said Yaniv Sulkes, assistant vice president of marketing at Allot Communications'.

"For example, during the Italy vs Uruguay game, YouTube traffic skyrocketed by more than 40% immediately following the infamous Suarez bite incident. This clearly demonstrates the widespread digital lifestyle where app adoption is strong and is particularly engaging around major events like the World Cup."

But are we embracing mobile technology during the World Cup because of the enhanced experience it offers, or could it be that the inconvenient 5pm kick-offs meant many of us had to do some covert watching via our mobile phone under our desks? Surely not…

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