Slow broadband drags house prices down 25%, study says

Do you live in an area with slow broadband? If so, you could find the value of your home isn’t as high as you think - new research reveals good internet access is increasingly important for buyers.

If there was ever a report that emphasised the increasing importance of broadband, it's this one. According to a new study, slow broadband can drag down house prices. Worse, a house in a broadband 'not-spot' could be almost unsellable.

The research, conducted by online estate agents, found that most home buyers now check broadband coverage, especially in properties in more rural areas, before they make an offer. If the property's in a slow area, it could knock as much as 25% of the price.

Speaking to the Express, Carol Peet from the County Homesearch Company, confirmed that slow broadband can become a problem for people selling their homes.

"The inability to access broadband has rendered some properties virtually unsaleable over the last couple of years.

"While a few years ago it would be vital only for those moving here who would be running businesses, now it has become part of daily life for everyone from retirees to people with children who need access for their academic work."

The need for better broadband across the UK isn't exactly fresh news. The government's attempting to address it by funding broadband infrastructure rollouts across the UK, with the aim of making superfast fibre optic broadband available to 95% of the UK population by 2017.

In addition, mobile operators are expanding their 4G networks rapidly, hoping to cover the vast majority of the UK by the end of next year.

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