More pubs choose BT Sport over Sky Sports - is your local one of them?

According to BT, more bars and clubs now have BT Sport than Sky Sports. With the new Premier League season underway, we look at how to tune in at home as well as at your local hostelry.

The new Barclays Premier League season is underway, and the battle between BT and Sky when comes to how we watch it on TV has reignited.

Both are vying to get their respective sports TV packages - BT Sport and Sky sports - into living rooms across the country, offering compelling deals, special offers, extras and the like. If you're looking for a good deal on either…well, now's the time.

But home's just one place where people watch football. What about it's other home - other than, y'know, football grounds - the pub?

The battle for hearts, minds and pints is currently being won by BT, according to BT. At the end of the last season, around 19,000 outlets had pub subscriptions to BT Sport, which was just behind Sky Sports.

But BT's consumer division chief says more pubs and clubs have signed up for BT Sport than Sky Sports this season. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, John Petter said he was "very glad…to be giving sport back to pubs."

BT Sport's fast uptake is largely thanks to it being much cheaper than Sky Sports - as much as 70% cheaper. However, the breath of coverage is considerably less comprehensive than you get with Sky Sports.

For example, this year, Sky Sports will show 116 Premier League exclusively live, compared to BT Sports' 38, although BT has first pick of what match to show in 18 of the 38 rounds of matches played.

If you prefer to watch the footie at home, BT Sport's free to watch online and via smartphone app if you have BT broadband, and free on TV with BT TV. Virgin Media is the only provider to offer every BT Sport and Sky sports channel on one contract, and you can add BT Sport to Sky TV through BT.

Sky Sports is available with Sky TV - obviously - but you can also get it with BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media TV, although the channels available varies from provider to provider.

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BT Sport or Sky Sports - which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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