EE customers use Wi-Fi and home broadband less after getting 4G

When you upgrade to superfast 4G mobile, you’re less likely to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots and will probably use your broadband less than when the internet on your phone was slower…

Over half of EE's 4G customers are using less public Wi-Fi, and almost a third don't use the home broadband as much, since getting faster internet on their phone.

A survey of 1,000 4G customers using EE's superfast mobile network found that 54% don't have to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops and other public places as much as they did before getting 4G, while 30% spend less time using home broadband.

In fact, 3% of EE's 4G users have actually cancelled their home broadband service altogether since upgrading their mobile internet.

EE chief executive, Olaf Swantee, said: "With more than four million customers and over a year of data, we're in a unique position to understand how 4G is changing the way people use their devices for work and play.

"It's key that we continue to extend the social and business benefits of 4G to as many people as we can. We remain on track to cover another 10 million people with 4G this year, bringing change to even more people across the UK."

Recent data published by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, shows the vast majority of homes still use both mobile and fixed-line internet services. In other words, only a handful of people see 4G as a broadband replacement.

To most people, 4G mobile internet is just a complement to the broadband they have at home. While it does provide speeds much faster than 3G - and in some cases faster than home broadband as well - data usage allowances on 4G contracts tend to be quite low.

If you only use the internet for browsing, checking social media and sending email, then a 4G mobile deal might well be enough to cover your online activity at home as well as when you're on the go.

Likewise, if you live in a rural area where fibre optic broadband still isn't available - but 4G mobile is - then again, it could be a suitable replacement for slow home internet.

However, if you or someone else in your household is likely to want to stream video, download music and generally use the internet for more data-hungry activities, a fast, unlimited broadband package is still the ideal until 4G becomes less restrictive.

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