iPhone 6 to have stronger screen and better USB charger

According to reports, the new iPhone will sport a shatterproof sapphire glass screen and come with a new reversible USB charger that can be plugged in either way up.

It's looking increasingly like the rumours that the new iPhone will have a super-resilient sapphire glass display are bang on the money.

According to the Guardian, the screens are set to go into mass production this month. They'll be produced by GT Advanced Technologies in a plant in Arizona. Apple has a £350million deal with the company, and a recent investor call revealed the plant is gearing up for production this month.

Sapphire glass is one of the toughest materials used in electronics today. A recent video by high-profile tech blogger Marques Brownlee showed just how strong it is:

Apple uses reinforced glass on its current iPhones. It's tough, but if the handset is dropped on a hard surface, it's all too easy to crack the display - as you may have found out the hard way. Sapphire glass should go a long way to alleviating the problem.

Apple's not the only phone maker turning to the material though. Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei has confirmed its new flagship handset - the Ascend P7 - will sport a sapphire glass screen.

These screens aren't the only thing new we can expect from the iPhone 6. Another rumour suggests Apple may launch a new version of its Lightning to USB cable - used to connect the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to a computer for charging or to transfer data - that can plug into a USB port either way up. Serial Apple leaker Sonny Dickson posted a photo of the new cable on Twitter.

Last year, Apple filed a patent for the technology, which would make the infamously fiddly process of plugging things into a USB port less fiddly. It's not a big issue, but if it makes things a little easier, why not?

As we get closer to the launch of the new iPhone - Apple's expected to unveil something at an event on 9 September - rumours get more and more prevalent. Honestly, at this point don't be surprised if someone reports the iPhone 6 will be able to make you a sandwich and fill out your tax return.

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