Sky+ box gets new recommendation and recording entire series features

Sky’s rolling out a big update for Sky+HD boxes, adding new features like a recommendations service to help you find things to watch and smarter options for recording entire TV series.

The Sky+HD set-top box, and its electronic programme guide, are getting some major changes this week.

Sky's adding a new recommendations feature, which will look at recent recordings and downloads, and suggest similar content you might enjoy. So, for example, if you watch Hannibal (and you should, because it's brilliant), you'll automatically be recommended other crime-focused shows, such as Criminal Minds or Dexter.

It's similar to the suggestions and reccomendations feature on Virgin Media's TiVo, which can also be set to record programmes it thinks you might like.

Speaking of recording, that's another area where Sky's giving its set top box a boost. Smart Series Link. Sky let you record whole series already, but the new tool improves on that by remembering to record subsequent series too. So, if you set it to record every episode of the current season of Game of Thrones, for example, it'll automatically record the next season too.

There are some welcome visual tweaks too. Films in Sky Movies and the Sky Store will be represented by what's on the cover of the DVD, which according to Sky makes them easier to recognise, and a new Sky Sports tile on the homepage will show all the live matches currently being shown.

Other features include improved navigation, such as the ability to access the Sky Store from Sky Box Office, the Lifestyle tab being merged with Entertainment tab in the TV guide, and the ability to turn on your TV and Sky+HD box in one go from standby.

These features are available to all Sky customers with a Sky+HD set-top box, which comes as standard with all Sky TV packages, and will start being rolled out today.

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