Sleep vs technology: Which do you think takes up more of your time?

We may be online more than ever, but TV‘s still our favourite technology, using up more of our spare time than broadband and mobile phones combined, according to new research...

People in the UK spend more time using technology such as laptops, TVs and mobile phones than in bed at night getting their shut-eye, according to research by the UK communications regulator.

In a survey of 2,800 Brits, Ofcom found we spend on average eight hours and 41 minutes a day using various media devices - from smartphones and tablets to the good old-fashioned telly - while a typical night's sleep is eight hours and 21 minutes.

The main reason is arguably that many people now use a computer at work, often for a solid eight hours every day, which is likely to have skewed the results overall. However, we also spend a lot of time watching TV.

In fact, we spend more hours with our eyes fixed on the box than the internet and mobile phones combined. On average, these account for nearly two hours of our day.

Ofcom's chief executive, Ed Richards, said: "The convenience and simplicity of smartphones and tablets are helping us cram more activities into our daily lives."

But this doesn't mean to say we're overworking ourselves, as Ofcom's director of research, James Thicket, explained: "While gadgets can prove a distraction, technology is actually improving work-life balance for some.

"Six in 10 of us do some form of working outside of normal hours, but the trade-off is that we're making personal calls and doing our 'life admin' at work."

Last week, a survey by Mind Candy, the company behind children's social network Moshi Monsters, found 45% of people with smartphones are so addicted to playing games on their phone they can't even take a toilet break without trying to notch up a new high score on the can.

Around 40% of us play games on our commute and almost a third have carried on mashing buttons at their desk when really they should be working.

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