A third of UK smartphone users don’t download apps

Many people in the UK who’ve got a smartphone don’t download apps, and even fewer are willing to pay for them, according to a new study by Deloitte. Is smartphone software in decline?

When was the last time you downloaded an app on your smartphone? For many, it's been a while…

According to a new report by bean counters Deloitte, almost one in three people in the UK with a smartphone don't download any apps in a typical month. Back in 2013, that figure was one in five, so there's been a clear decline.

Among those that do download apps however, there's been a significant drop in the number they download a month - from an average of 2.32 in 2013 to 1.82 this year.

Deloitte's report also found we're a cost-conscious bunch in the UK when it comes to apps - nine in 10 of us never spend money on apps themselves or other smartphone content like in-app purchases.

It sounds grim for the app industry then, but it's not all woe - according to Paul Lee, an analyst at Deloitte, the decline in app downloads can be partly attributed to an increase in older and 'casual' smartphone users, who use them primarily for calls and texts.

However, a big issue is that those of us who have had smartphones for years have settled on a selection of apps and other services - often influenced by what our friends have - making it hard for a new apps to get themselves noticed.

As far as we're concerned, if you want to get the most out of your smartphone, it's worth keeping an eye on what's about. New apps come out every day, and if you only stick to what you know, you might be missing out on something that's either really entertaining or that can make your life easier.

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