Mobile, TV and internet news from September 2014

Mobile, TV and internet news from September 2014

  • Say Ello to a new ‘beautiful, simple and ad-free’ social network

    It’s early days, but thousands of web users are lining up to join new invite-only social network Ello, which is already being dubbed the ‘anti-Facebook’ by some. Here’s what… More »

  • TV football too expensive says Virgin Media, asks Ofcom to investigate

    Virgin Media’s asked the UK’s telecoms regulator to investigate the escalating costs of Premier League live TV broadcast rights, fearing “significant consumer harm” due to high prices. More »

  • Can you dig it? This mobile phone is as loud as a pneumatic drill.

    A new mobile phone designed specifically for the elderly has been released. Here are all the details of the Amplicomms Power Tel M9000 - or ‘Grandroid’ as it’s become… More »

  • Using your phone during take-off no longer poses safety risk

    If the thought of people forgetting to switch their phones to ‘airplane mode’ during take-off has your palms sweating, good news, it’s now officially safe to stay connected from… More »

  • Mobile operators and government make plans to improve rural coverage

    The government’s putting a lot of pressure on networks to improve coverage across the UK. National roaming’s one idea, but what else is on the table? More »

  • Unreliable phones and broadband a big problem for small firms

    More than half of small firms who use the internet would make less money if they didn’t have reliable broadband, and yet many research shows many of them fall… More »

  • Gadgets and Wi-Fi now essential to UK’s switched-on over-50s

    Almost 90% of older people in the UK own at least one wireless gadget - like a laptop, tablet or smartphone - which increasingly they use for socialising, shopping… More »

  • And the most popular TV shows in the UK according to Twitter are…

    New research into the TV shows the UK tweets about has revealed - unsurprisingly - its talent shows, reality shows and soap operas that get Twitter buzzing. Is your… More »

  • New channel ITVBe coming soon - what can you watch on launch night?

    ITV’s about to launch ITVB - a new free channel devoted to entertainment and lifestyle shows like The Only Way Is Essex. But what else can you look forward… More »

  • Government makes it easier to apply for business broadband vouchers

    Eligible small firms will no longer need to fill in a big application form to have their broadband subsidised by the government’s voucher scheme, after red tape led to… More »

  • Global internet users to reach 7.6 billion within the next 5 years

    Experts reckon the number of people using the internet worldwide will exceed the current global population by 2020, with access to broadband and mobile phones set to rocket. More »

  • How easy is it to break an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Not that easy…

    How much damage can an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus withstand? A new test put Apple’s latest handsets through all kinds of abuse, from dropping them to submerging… More »

  • Netflix and Instagram - new kids on the block in the CoolBrands Top 20

    Technology brands have maintained their strong presence in the top 20 list of the coolest brands in the UK, but it’s ta ta to Twitter, which is out for… More »

  • Mobile networks EE and Vodafone snap up ex-Phones 4u shops

    We’ll soon be seeing a lot more of EE and Vodafone on our high streets, as both have agreed to buy Phones 4u shops that were up for grabs… More »

  • TalkTalk promise cheap fibre, but only if BT cuts wholesale costs

    CEO Dido Harding says her company would like to offer cheap fibre broadband, but would only be able to do so if BT was forced to charge other providers… More »

  • iOS 8 now available on iPhones and iPads

    Apple’s released the latest version of iOS into the wild, but some people are having trouble downloading it, as it requires a lot of free space on their handsets.… More »

  • Scotland ‘yes’ vote to make mobiles and broadband more expensive

    If Scotland votes in favour of independence on Thursday, then the prices of broadband and mobile phone deals are likely to go up for those north of the border,… More »

  • It’s a hit! More than 4 million iPhone 6 handsets pre-ordered

    More than 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets have been bought already, Apple has revealed. But how does this compare to previous launches? broadbandchoices takes a… More »

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Release dates for PC, PS4 and Xbox One confirmed

    A refreshed version of Rockstar’s bazillion-selling game will arrive on newer Xbox and PlayStation consoles on 18 November, but gamers anticipating a PC release have a little while longer… More »

  • Ex-rugby player and dad Austin Healey champions parental controls

    Setting up parental controls is straightforward, but research shows the vast majority of homes still don’t use them. Ex-rugby player Austin Healey’s teamed up with BT to help change… More »

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