Amazon Fire TV streaming box will be available in the UK next month

Amazon has announced that its Fire TV streaming box is now up for pre-order, and will release in the UK next month. Here’s what we know about it.

Amazon has said its Fire TV streaming box will be available to buy in the UK from 23 October and will cost £79.

The box, which has been available in the US since April, lets you stream music and video from Amazon and other places through your TV.

Its primary use - from Amazon's perspective at least - is that it'll encourage people to subscribe to Amazon Prime Instant Video - formerly known as LOVEFiLM - as well download pay-per-view rentals.

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get the Apple Fire TV box for £30 less If you pre-order one this weekend.

Film, TV and music streaming services including Netflix, Sky News, Demand 5, Vevo, Spotify and Curzon Home Cinema will also be available through it.

The Amazon Fire TV is the latest streaming box to hit the UK, following in the footsteps of Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV and NOW TV. However, Fire TV has some unique features that should help it stand out.

For example, it's three times more powerful than Apple TV, thanks to a quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB of memory - four times more than Chromecast. It also has voice control, allowing you to say what you want to search for rather than go through the laborious process of typing it in using the remote, as you do with some streaming boxes.

You can also play games on it - a dedicated controller's available for £34.99 - including Minecraft, Asphalt 8 and The Walking Dead. It's not exactly going to rival the PlayStation 4 in the affections of gaming enthusiasts - at least not yet - but there's fun to be had.

Having said that, each streaming box has its own pros and cons - Google Chromecast, for example, is much more affordable at around £30, while Apple TV could be a better fit if you have an iPhone or an iPad or a big iTunes library - so it's worth looking at what each one offers, and how they work with your smartphone, tablet and other devices, before you make a decision.

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