Apple unveils first smartwatch Apple Watch at iPhone 6 launch event

We all saw it coming, but now it’s official - Apple’s made a watch that connects to your iPhone. It runs apps, displays maps and keeps track of your health and fitness. Plus it can tell you the time…

Apple's unveiled its first new product line since the original iPad and the death of the company's co-founder Steve Jobs almost three years ago.

A smartwatch, simply called the Apple Watch, will bring Siri, notifications and apps to your wrist, and allow you to navigate maps and keep track of your fitness with its built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor.

While it's mostly operated by a finger on its touchscreen, the Apple Watch also has a "digital crown" on its right-hand side, like the knob that sets the time on analogue watches, which magnifies and scrolls when twisted and also acts as a home button.

Announcing it alongside the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at an event in California last night, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said despite being displayed on the watch face, apps would still be processed by the iPhone, allowing the Apple Watch battery to last longer.

He added: "Apple introduced the world to several category-defining products - the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. And once again, Apple is poised to captivate the world with a revolutionary product that can enrich people's lives.

Available in two different sizes, 38mm and 42mm, the Apple Watch will also be sold in a wide range of colours with various strap designs made from leather, tough rubber or stainless steel.

"It's the most personal product we've ever made."

Apple's head of design, Jony Ive, said: "With Apple Watch, we've developed multiple technologies and an entirely new user interface specifically for a device that's designed to be worn. It blurs the boundary between physical object and user interface."

While Apple's Android competitors have already launched watches - including the circular Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live - the fact the Apple Watch isn't the first device of its kind is unlikely to harm its chances of success.

Apple has a long history of launching new products, like the iPad a few years back, to which very similar alternatives have existed for years. But often, it's not until Apple gets involved that new technology really gains momentum.

The new iPhones are available to pre-order from Friday (12 September) and come out a week later, while the Apple Watch should arrive in early 2015.

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