Scientists may have the solution to short smartphone battery life

The power demands of what we do on our smartphones now means batteries often conk out before the day is done, leaving us up the creek without a charger. But has science got a solution?

"I'll have to keep this short my battery is about to..."

We've all been there, especially now the days of the twice-weekly phone charge are long gone.

The high power demands of what smartphones do, from endlessly searching for Wi-Fi to downloading notifications from Facebook to keeping track of where you are on Google Maps, means you may well consider yourself lucky if your battery makes it through the day.

But scientists may well have found the solution to the modern-day bugbear of the rapidly dying smartphone battery - although ideally it won't mean carrying round an industrial-sized battery pack…

Researchers claim they've developed new materials that would allow phone batteries to operate at just a tenth of the power levels of today's models, extending battery life significantly, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The materials work by - brace yourself for some science! - generating a charge when stress is applied. The stress from applying and withdrawing voltage, which causes the materials to change shape and then revert back to normal.

This process causes the material to alternate between being an insulator and a conductor, which offers the possibility of reading and writing digital information in the way phones require.

OK, science bit over.

Unfortunately, while the technology exists, it's not yet in a phone-compatible format - it would require the aforementioned industrial-sized battery pack to fit it in. The next step is to miniaturise the technology to smartphone-sized proportions.

Luckily, technology titan IBM is on board to help get the technology into a state where is can actually be incorporated into future smartphones.

So, hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to say bye-bye to the days of having a phone charger at home, in the office, in the car and in your bag - you know…just in case.

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