Using your phone during take-off no longer poses safety risk

If the thought of people forgetting to switch their phones to ‘airplane mode’ during take-off has your palms sweating, good news, it’s now officially safe to stay connected from gate-to-gate.

Have you ever wondered… if having your mobile phone operational during take-off or landing is able to cause the plane to malfunction, why's it left to the discretion of passengers to switch their handset to 'airplane mode'?

Surely there should be phone police on the lookout for the teenager unable to switch off Facebook for 5 minutes, or the guy in the suit who has "just one more email to send" before they bring down the entire plane??

Well luckily, given the airline's rather relaxed approach to phone policing, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has conclusively ruled that using mobiles phones during those critical first and final few minutes of each flight is no longer considered a risk to aircraft safety.

The EASA has issued guidance to airlines permitting them to change their own rules allowing passengers to use mobiles "throughout the flight".

However, this doesn't mean you'll be able to chat away to your heart's content the next time you're heading off on your hols.

It will still be up to each airline to decide whether or not to allow their passengers to continue to use their phones on board the plane.

Each airline will have to run its own assessment process to make sure the electronics on its aircraft will not be affected by mobile transmission signals. It will also have to install additional equipment that will provide its high flyers with a signal at altitude where they will be out of the reach of regular transmitters.

It will be at least two months before the first airlines will be able to offer passengers the option of gate-to-gate connectivity.

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