Can you dig it? This mobile phone is as loud as a pneumatic drill.

A new mobile phone designed specifically for the elderly has been released. Here are all the details of the Amplicomms Power Tel M9000 - or ‘Grandroid’ as it’s become known.

Meet the Amplicomms Power Tel M9000 - a new smartphone designed specifically for the elderly.

The name's a bit of a mouthful, so people have taken to calling it the 'Grandroid'.

It's packed with features designed to make it most useful for the silver smartphoners out there. The ringtone, for example, is as much as 1000 times louder than that of a typical smartphone - as loud as a pneumatic drill in fact - so even the hardest of hearing should be able to notice when it's ringing.

It also sports a custom Android interface, that uses large icons and texts, and uncomplicated menus designed to keep things as simple and easy to use as possible. On the back is a special button, which calls for help in the case of a fall or other accident.

You can pre-set which contact you want the button to contact. You could even theoretically set it to automatically call your favourite pizza delivery service if so inclined. A one button takeaway service? Now we sort of want one.

Another unique wrinkle is a smart caller ID system, which reads out the phone number to the user.

Despite all its accessibility features, the phone works as a standard smartphone, with MP3 support, and Bluetooth, so it can connect to computers, hearing aids and more.

It's not going to appeal to anyone outside of those of erm… advanced years, but if you're looking for an appropriate handset for your gran or granddad, it may be worth a look.

The Power Tel costs £140 and is available from online retailers, including Amazon.

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