Microsoft Lumia 830, 735 and 730 have low-light photo fix feature

Candlelight makes everyone look good, but capturing those moments on your phone is a guaranteed photo fail, producing pictures either too dark or over-lit - but is that about to change?

Microsoft may not be addressing world peace or tackling pandemics - we guess it leaves that kind of thing to Bill Gates - but it isn't lying down when it comes to helping you take the perfect selfie.

You can rest easy because the tech giant has tackled the long-standing issue of how to take a decent snap on your phone in low-light situations.

A new feature on Lumia smartphones means when you take a photo, your phone will automatically take two shots in quick succession, the first of which is with a flash and the second without.

Software dubbed Lumia Denim then merges the two shots into a single image, which you can make brighter or darker using a slider bar.

The software will be a feature of Microsoft's latest handsets, the Lumia 830, 730 and 735, and this presumably played a part in the latter two being billed as phones "built for Skype and selfies".

Referring to the issue of to flash or not to flash when taking a photo, leaving you either bathed in harsh light or with photos too dark to show anything, Kristina Bjorknas, senior experience marketing manager at Microsoft, said: "We take away the need to make a decision in advance."

So if you're a fan of the selfie, a Microsoft Lumia is worth considering when you're next upgrading.

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