New broadbandchoices ad starring Carlos The Caveman hits TV

Our new advert’s now on a telly near you, showing the Great British public how it’s easy to embrace the best mobile, TV and broadband deals. Are you missing out? Don’t worry, you can watch it on our website...

If you haven't yet seen the new broadbandchoices TV advert, then you won't yet have had the pleasure of meeting Carlos, television's most notable caveman since Fred Flintstone.

We hope you'll agree he's a likeable chap, because the advert, which today premiered on TVs across the land, will be appearing in tea and toilet breaks for the foreseeable future!

Our creative partners The Red Brick Road and director Owen Trevor - who's worked with everyone from McVities to Mercedes - bring the broadbandchoices brand to life like never before, with the help of a brilliant voiceover by actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz.

If you've not yet been lucky enough to catch Ben and Carlos in action, you can watch it here. But if you're unable to play the video, here's a brief summary of what you're missing below…

Carlos is just your average prehistoric man, as frightened by technology as he is by shaving - not to mention clothes that conceals his thighs - but unlike The Flintstones, who kept a dinosaur as a pet, our Carlos lives out his simple existence in the 21st century.

Both he and his friendly neighbour, Ben, who clearly has a better appreciation for gadgets, home interiors and personal grooming , invite friends over for a movie night at each of their homes.

Naturally, Ben's night goes without a hitch, while poor Carlos is stood on the rooftop blowing down an animal horn in a desperate attempt to summon his chums for the gathering.

Ben looks out of the window and invites Carlos in, before explaining how broadbandchoices can help drag his home set-up out of the dark ages. Hoorah!

If you're a bit like Carlos, and you think your mobile phone plan or TV and broadband package could be a relic from the distant past, click the link below to compare deals now.

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