Tesco film website blinkbox ‘closing down’ unless a buyer can be found

Success was never going to come easy to Tesco’s pay-per-view film streaming service, a costly alternative to all-you-can-eat subscriptions like Netflix. Now, it seems its days are numbered…

Film rentals website blinkbox, which is owned by UK supermarket giant Tesco, may soon be closing down for good unless a suitable buyer can be found.

It's been widely reported that Tesco CEO Dave Lewis has begun a strategic review of blinkbox, which lets you buy films and TV shows to watch online, or download if you're using a PC.

blinkbox has struggled to keep up with rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, which allow you to stream as much as you like for a set monthly fee.

Unless you only watch stuff online very occasionally, it usually works out much cheaper to subscribe to the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video than pay for individual films and TV shows.

For example, to watch the first five seasons of Breaking Bad on blinkbox you'll have to fork out more than £75. On Netflix, the same would cost just £6.99 assuming you're dedicated enough to watch all 54 episodes in one month.

However, the 'unlimited' nature of subscription services means you'd be able to watch other shows and films at no extra cost, so it's easy to see how your money would go further.

According to The Guardian, Tesco, which bought an 80% stake in blinkbox for an undisclosed sum three years ago, will "most likely" shut down the website completely unless it can be sold.

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