EE launches EE TV and adds FREE box to broadband bundles

Free with EE broadband, EE TV puts your smartphone or tablet at the heart of the living room telly experience, allowing you to use your device as a remote, an interactive TV guide, and a second, third or fourth screen…

Mobile network EE today launched its own TV service and set-top box called EE TV, which will be available at no extra cost when you sign up for EE home broadband.

Described by EE as "the UK's most advanced TV service", EE TV puts mobile at the heart of watching television by letting you use your smartphone or tablet as a remote or a second screen on which to find what you want to watch next.

Like the YouView box you get with BT and TalkTalk, EE TV connects to the internet to give you access to a wide range of on-demand content and catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer, and YouTube.

If you don't have EE broadband, but your mobile phone is on EE, you can get EE TV from £9.95 a month on an 18-month contract. In any case, at the moment you need to be an EE mobile customer to get the TV box.

Olaf Swantee, EE's chief executive, said: "Today we're announcing the most advanced TV service the UK has ever seen. How, where and when people watch TV is changing, and mobile technology is driving that change.

"With EE TV, not only can you watch different streams of live and recorded content, on multiple screens simultaneously, but your mobile becomes the remote.

"This gives each viewer the chance to watch, queue and view what they want, when they want. It's a completely new way to enjoy your favourite programmes, films and internet content."

Developed to mimic the simplicity of a smartphone user interface, EE TV's connected set-top box includes a variety of useful features:

  • Multiscreen: Designed to make programme clashes a thing of the past, this feature allows you to stream live and recorded shows direct from the EE TV box's hard drive using a new mobile app for iOS and Android. Up to four devices, including the TV, as well as tablets and smartphones, can stream different content at the same time.
  • Replay: This allows you to view the last 24 hours of TV from your favourite channels, arranging shows in a simple way by channel and genre. This is ideal for when you arrive home late, or want to watch a programme you've missed that's not available on catch-up.
  • MultiRecord: This lets you record up to four separate programmes at the same time. All recorded shows are stored on the EE TV box, which boasts an enormous 1TB hard drive, giving you enough space to store up to 25 days' worth of programming.
  • EE TV app: With this you can use your tablet or smartphone as a next-generation touchscreen remote. You can look at the TV guide to find something to watch next, or fire up a show you've already recorded on your second screen, all without interrupting what's on the telly. Then, with a simple upward 'flick' gesture on your touchscreen, whatever you're watching on your device is instantly transferred to the big screen.

The EE TV box, which is said to be worth around £300, is free if you're an EE mobile phone customer and you sign up to an EE home broadband package.

EE's standard broadband offers speeds of up to 17Mb, but those who want more bandwidth - essential for larger households or those who do a lot online at once - you can get EE fibre optic broadband with speeds of up to 38Mb or 76Mb from an extra £10 a month.

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