Nokia no more - Microsoft officially retires the name

Bye Nokia! It was fun while it lasted, but after 30 years no longer will mobile phones adorned with the name be manufactured, as Microsoft - which bought the Nokia’s mobile division last year- is rebranding its phones Microsoft Lumia.

Well, its official - Nokia phones are no more.

Ever since Microsoft bought the struggling mobile phone manufacturer, there have been questions over what it would do with the name Nokia. The expectation was that Microsoft would do away with it entirely - as evidenced by the fact that it dropped the name from a number of apps, and that its press releases have conspicuously avoided the word 'Nokia' for months now.

But now, at last, it's confirmed, and from this point on the company's phones will be branded as Microsoft Lumia. The first part of Microsoft's mobile division to adopt the change will be Nokia France - ahem, we mean Microsoft Lumia France - with others following shortly after.

While the news may not be much of a surprise, you'd be forgiven for feeling a few pangs of regret. Nokia was one of the defining forces of the early mobile phone era, and its contribution to the industry can't be disputed. Heck, I still have a Nokia 3310 at home. What can I say - sometimes I fancy a game of Snake.

But the smartphone era wasn't so kind on the company - after struggling for a number of years to make an impact, Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft last year in a £4.5billion deal.

Of course, Nokia isn't completely gone. Nokia's networking, mapping and licensing business still exists, so you'll still see the name around, particularly on its decent maps app.

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