Which? says Utility Warehouse, Zen and John Lewis best for broadband

The UK’s big broadband providers were bashed in the latest Which? customer satisfaction survey, but those with smaller providers were impressed by their “great deals and great service" and the vast majority would recommend them to a friend...

Utility Warehouse, Zen Internet and John Lewis Broadband are the best three broadband providers in the UK. Yup, you read that right.

You'd be forgiven for not having heard of the first two or knowing that the third offers broadband, but according to the latest customer satisfaction survey by Which?, they're where it's at when it comes to getting yourself connected to that there t'internet.

The consumer association asked almost 2,000 broadband customers what they thought of their provider back in July. Utility Warehouse, Zen Internet and John Lewis Broadband were the only ones to achieve scores of over 75%, garnering each the status of Which? Recommended Provider.

The survey results were a victory for smaller providers in general, with at least 90% of their customers telling Which? they'd recommend them to a friend. Which? said smaller providers are "impressing their customers with great deals and great service".

Matt Leeser, head of buying, electrical and home technology at John Lewis, said: "I'm delighted John Lewis has been recognised for the customer service and consistency we offer in our broadband products.

"We go to great lengths to invest in the great support our customers expect to ensure we don't offer an inferior service in what is a hugely volatile market."

In contrast, the big boys of the broadband world got a shoeing in the survey, with BT - the biggest provider in the UK - and EE faring particularly badly. Both received scores of just 49% - the lowest of all the providers the survey covered.

Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media didn't do much better - none of them managed a score higher than 53%. Ouch.

Thankfully, if your broadband is bobbins, you're not stuck with it, and switching is easier than you might think, as these days the provider you're switching to will do most of the work for you.

And, if you signed up to you package on or after 23 January and your provider raises its prices, you should be able to switch before your contract runs out without having to pay any early termination fees. Whoop!

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