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  • Google inflicts outdated homepage on users not updating old browsers

    Some of those affected have criticised the “heavy-handed” approach used by Google to encourage users to keep their software up-to-date, and some are even threatening to boycott its online… More »

  • You now have the option of getting Vodafone 4G on pay-as-you-go

    One year after the launch of its superfast 4G mobile internet network, Vodafone has announced that availability is being extended to pay-as-you-go customers. More »

  • BT and TalkTalk in superfast broadband spat

    TalkTalk’s Dido Harding and BT’s John Petter have butted heads over fibre optic, with BT accused of monopolisation and TalkTalk ‘opportunism’. But who’s right and what does it all… More »

  • Scientists may have the solution to short smartphone battery life

    The power demands of what we do on our smartphones now means batteries often conk out before the day is done, leaving us up the creek without a charger.… More »

  • iPhone 6 be revealed next month? Apple sends out invites for event

    Apple’s set to hold an event in two weeks, where it’s likely to showcase the latest iPhone and iOS 8. But what else will we see? Here’s what we… More »

  • Slow broadband drags house prices down 25%, study says

    Do you live in an area with slow broadband? If so, you could find the value of your home isn’t as high as you think - new research reveals… More »

  • BT Sport to air highlights of Formula E electric car racing series

    A 60-minute programme of highlights from the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully electric racing series, will be shown on BT Sport after each event… More »

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 beats iPhone 5s to become UK's #1 smartphone

    As iPhone users hold back from upgrading in anticipation of the iPhone 6's arrival, Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, has crept ahead of Apple’s in the popularity stakes. More »

  • Children in the UK spend £40 a month on downloads, gadgets and games

    Britain’s under-16s say most of their pocket money goes on music and technology, with tech-savvy youngsters, on average, throwing £10 a week at their passion for anything connected or… More »

  • 4GEE in Witney and more - EE rolls out 4G to another 13 towns

    More towns in the UK can now get 4GEE mobile internet, EE has announced. Lucky locations include Buckingham, Hertford and Witney - read on to find out where else… More »

  • BT fibre optic broadband reaches first Isle of Wight rural community

    Once the roll-out of superfast broadband’s completed, around 20,000 homes and business on the island - many of them in rural and remote areas - will have a much… More »

  • Intel builds world’s smallest 3G modem the size of a 1p coin

    Intel reckons its super-tiny piece of mobile internet hardware’s the dinkiest of its kind ever made, but what use could such a small 3G modem have? investigates… More »

  • Apple admits iPhone 5 battery fault and sets up replacement scheme

    A number of iPhone 5 handsets were shipped with faulty batteries, Apple has said. Fortunately, those affected can get their battery replaced - here’s how to do it if… More »

  • Parents glued to smartphones ‘set a bad example to their children’

    Mums and dads are getting worse at communicating face-to-face with their kids, according to parenting experts who reckon gadgets like smartphones may be to blame. More »

  • LG unveils new G3 Stylus smartphone

    Although it shares the G3’s name and DNA, the G3 Stylus isn’t 4G-enabled and it’s less powerful overall than LG’s acclaimed flagship smartphone, which was released just a couple… More »

  • BT to increase broadband and phone prices by more than 6%

    BT has revealed it’ll increase the cost of broadband and home phone from December. Read on to find out how much more you’ll have to pay and what you… More »

  • Set pins on all new phones as standard, police tell mobile makers

    The Metropolitan police have asked mobile manufacturers to set pins as standard on new phones in a bid to reduce the number of unlocked phones in use in the… More »

  • Windows Phone to leapfrog BlackBerry in the UK this year

    New research says Windows Phone is winning the battle to be the third most successful smartphone platform in the UK, as use of it continues to surge while use… More »

  • Virgin Media increases price of broadband without a phone line

    The cost of Virgin Media broadband-only packages is going up in October. How much more will you have to pay, and what are you options if you don’t want… More »

  • Sky+ box gets new recommendation and recording entire series features

    Sky’s rolling out a big update for Sky+HD boxes, adding new features like a recommendations service to help you find things to watch and smarter options for recording entire… More »

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