1 in 5 Brits don’t know their own phone number

A new survey of 2,000 people in the UK has revealed that a fifth of have no idea what their phone number is. In fact, many people only take a landline so they can get a broadband connection.

The research was commissioned by London-only wireless broadband provider Relish, and looked at people's attitudes towards their landlines. It found that 60% of Brits only have landlines because they need them to get broadband.

The survey indicates that home phone use has decline dramatically - more than a third of respondents said they use their landline for calls less than once a month, and 33% said that if it rings, they assume it's a sales call. A fifth (22%) don't even bother picking the phone up.

Bridget Lorimer, Head of Brand and Consumer Marketing at Relish, said: "Our results have found that millions of consumers are paying for a service that they just aren't using, exemplified by the fact they can't even recall their own number!

"Despite this however, they are still being charged for monthly line rental on top of the cost of their broadband by internet service providers. It is ridiculous to think that today anyone would be paying for a service they don't use, and it is clear the British public are desperate to say goodbye to the landline."

We do, however, have a problem with this research. It's important to note that just because people aren't using home phones as much, they are still using their landlines to get broadband.

And while the steadily increasing price of line rental over the last few years is a valid point of concern, as are automatically included home phone plans people don't need, to imply that people are paying for something they don't use is actually rather misleading.

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