4G used to boost superfast coverage in Swindon

4G is to be used to extend superfast broadband coverage to 99.4% of the Swindon area. Only 80% of the Wiltshire town is currently served by speedy connections, but the council has recommended LTE technology as a means of plugging the gaps in troublesome areas.

Swindon Council and the government's Department for Culture,Media and Sport (DCMS) will both invest £1.5 million to switch onsuperfast coverage in hard-to-reach areas that are not covered bycommercial roll-outs.

Provider UK Broadband, also known as Relish, has been taskedwith the challenge of using its fixed wireless service to deliversuperfast speeds across the city. The plans, which have beendescribed by councillors as a cheaper and less disruptivealternative to laying fibre cables, will be discussed nextweek.

4G's one of the most cost-effective ways of extending superfastcoverage in areas where fibre connections have been deemed tooexpensive or complex to implement. The government is aiming to pushfibre coverage to 95% of the UK by the end of 2016 but 4G,satellite and other tech could help to reach the final 5%.

Councillor Garry Perkins said: "We know some of our ruralcommunities have had a raw deal in terms of fast broadbandprovision and we want to change that. By making this investment, inconjunction with the government, this project will bringsignificant benefits to both residents and businesses."

Source: TechWeek Europe

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