Average UK broadband speed dips to 10.7Mb

Average broadband speeds in the UK slowed down in the third quarter of 2014 according to a new 'State of the Internet' report by Akamai. The 10.7Mb average was a 3.4% drop, but UK speeds remain more than twice as fast as the world average.

Cloud computing firm Akamai's report found that 81% of broadband users in the UK now have access to speeds in excess of 4Mb and over two-thirds were able to hit more than 10Mb.

Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) has been championing the benefits of superfast connections in its recent ad campaign, but the number of people that were able to get speeds of 15Mb or more actually fell during the third quarter of 2014 from 21% to 20%.

While the figures may appear disappointing, it is important to remember that broadband speeds have improved significantly year-on-year. Average speeds in the UK have increased by 17% since 2013 while global speeds have surged by 25%.

The average world download speed now stands at 4.5Mb; however, eighteen countries recorded higher averages than the UK. South Korea has the fastest broadband with an impressive 25.3Mb average, while Hong Kong (16.3Mb), Japan (15.0Mb), Switzerland (14.5Mb) and Sweden (14.1Mb) rounded out the top five.

The Akamai study also shed some light on mobile broadband performance in the UK. The average 3G and 4G speeds were a not too shabby 8.1Mb, which is a significant increase on the previous figure of 6.1Mb. Over 80% of mobile customers were able to access speeds of more than 4Mb, up from 63%.

Source: ISPreview

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