Broadband policy will influence a fifth of UK voters

Broadband provision is likely to affect how UK citizens vote in the general election next month, a new study by suggests. Almost one in five respondents in the 2,500-person survey said broadband policy was a major issue for them and would influence their choice at the ballot.

Those surveyed also revealed that they would only be satisfiedwith a minimum broadband download speed of 32Mb - considerablyfaster than ISPs are obligated to provide under current laws, withmany areas still unable to access a basic 2Mb service.

The government announced in March that it would be raising theminimum speed UK providers must supply to consumers to 5Mb, eventhough its current pledge means everyone will only get access to2Mb by early 2016.

The majority of political parties have outlined promises forbroadband in their respective election manifestos. The ConservativeParty has pledged to rollout ultrafast broadband with 100Mb or moreto "nearly all" homes when it is feasible to do so, while investing£100 billion to improve the broadband and mobile infrastructurenationwide.

The Labour Party is aiming to deliver "affordable, high speedbroadband" to the whole of the UK population during the next fewyears. It's also hoping to reduce "not spots" - areas without anynetwork access - while extending mobile coverage.

A spokesperson for the Internet Services Providers' Association(ISPA) applauded the parties' focus on broadband provision. Theyadded: "All parties should aim for ubiquitous superfast broadband,with targeted investment and incentives for a competitive privatesector to continue to innovate and develop their networks."

Source: Telegraph

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