Broadband providers call on gamers to ‘fix Britain’s internet’

The Fix Britain’s Internet campaign has urged gamers to help “fix” the UK’s broadband infrastructure, by showing how a fast internet connection can make a difference to their gaming.

Pro gamer Ashley Mariee (ashleymariee) demonstrated yesterday via a Twitch stream exactly how much of a difference a fast internet connection makes to her gaming, by playing while hooked up to ultrafast FTTH (fibre to the home) broadband in York.

She said: "It's an online gamer's worst nightmare when you experience lag spikes or the game freezing while playing. It's so frustrating, your character is completely vulnerable and you end up dropping down leader boards or missing out on high scores.

"The campaign to Fix Britain's Internet is our chance to push for a level playing field so every gamer, no matter which town they live in, can have fast and reliable broadband at their fingertips. Then we will really see who the best is."

The Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband network, owned and run by TalkTalk and Sky, was also tested by gamers James Hogg and Dan Kerr, who also said that their gameplay "dramatically improved" when they were connected.

The campaign as a whole acts as a call to separate Openreach from the BT Group - but there's very little clarity on how gamers are supposed to help that.

Fast speeds don't make a huge difference to online gameplay (though obviously slow 2Mb download speeds make gaming difficult). Latency or lag is the main issue when playing games like Call of Duty online, which is more to do with how data packets are transferred and how servers handle them - and it's not clear how an Openreach split can improve this.

Still, fast speeds do make it easier to download those massive game files and patches, host a Twitch stream, and have enough bandwidth to do both of those while the rest of your family uses the internet too.

Ashley's livestream was hosted on her Twitch account - although you've missed the live action, the video is still available to watch on her page.

Source: TalkTalk

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