BT and Sky broadband customers may be affected by Yahoo hack

A large number of BT and Sky broadband customers could be affected by the recent Yahoo data hack - potentially millions of current and former customers, in fact.

Both providers outsource their users' email accounts to Yahoo services, meaning anyone with an email address from either provider may find their data is at risk.

For BT broadband users, that could mean anyone with a,, or email address - though BT has a tool to check whether or not your account is powered by Yahoo webmail or not.

The data was stolen in "late 2014", so both recommend changing your password if you haven't done so since 2014. (And either way, changing your password regularly is good practice.)

Not all email accounts will be affected by the hack, but at this stage it's pretty much impossible to figure out which ones are most at risk. For now, it's recommended that you simply change your password and be on the lookout for any weird spam coming to or from your email address.

For more information on your email address and how to negate any risks, see BT's help page here or Sky's help page here.

It's not just email addresses from broadband providers that may have been breached - users of Flickr and defunct social bookmarking site are advised to take precautions as well.

Hackers are understood to have accessed names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, and some security questions, but thankfully no bank details or payment data. Phew.

Yahoo is already in quite a bit of trouble over the data breach - the firm is being sued by a user for gross negligence, and it may face fines of up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioner's Office.

Information commissioner Elizabeth Denham said: "The vast number of people affected by this cyber attack is staggering and demonstrates just how severe the consequences of a security hack can be. It is our job to ask serious questions of Yahoo on behalf of British citizens."

Source: Guardian | Telegraph

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