BT hails the rise of fibre optic broadband

BT's latest financial results show strong growth in fibre, as more and more of us switch to faster broadband. broadbandchoices looks at the rise of superfast broadband.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, some claimed that demand for super-fast fibre optic broadband simply wouldn't be strong enough to justify the costs of upgrading from copper.

Maybe we ought to develop some healthy scepticism about those type of prophecies: BT now has 3.3 million fibre connections to its name. Its superfast broadband now reaches 22 million UK households that number's rising at the rate of 60,000 every week.

Almost a third of BT customers (34%) of BT customers now have their broadband service piped to them through fibre and 344,000 new fibre customers signed up during the second quarter of 2014. That's a year-on-year increase of 9% - nothing to be scoffed at.

A significant proportion of these customers were actually upgrading from their existing copper connections, but BT says it still made 182,000 completely new connections.

BT's CEO, Gavin Patterson, is clearly as pleased as punch with the rise of fibre. He said:

"Our fibre footprint has increased to more than 21 million premises and will continue to grow. We continue to see strong demand across the market for the faster speeds that fibre offers."

Source: TechWeek

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