BT launches advanced home Wi-Fi system

BT has revealed the latest weapon in its battle against Wi-Fi dead spots: Whole Home Wi-Fi, an advanced home Wi-Fi system that it says will let wireless signals reach every single area of your home.

It consists of three repeater discs - 165mm round white circles on little stands - that you can place all around your home to get better Wi-Fi signal. Each disc has four antennas inside it, which repeat signals and spread the Wi-Fi further.

It also comes with an app to download, which BT says will give users "complete control" over the system and help you figure out the best spots to put the discs.

The app also gives you info on who's online and how the network's being used, and lets you 'pause the internet' to switch off the Wi-Fi and give your household some downtime. That's also a great feature if you want to play a hilarious prank on a Netflix-engrossed housemate.

Each of the discs uses dual-band Wi-Fi on wireless standards 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, so you should always be able to connect. BT promises that the network can always switch you to the fastest and strongest signal available.

Anyone can buy the new system, even if you don't have BT broadband (though we imagine it'll work best with a BT router). Well, okay, not anyone - the system costs a rather steep £299.99.

For that price you'll get what looks like a pretty good system, but bear in mind there are other solutions that cost a lot less. Basic Wi-Fi extenders are available for less than £100 - or less than £50, if you don't need something too powerful.

For more info on Whole Home Wi-Fi, visit the BT Store or your local Currys or Maplin.

Source: BT

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