BT Openreach told off by BBC Watchdog

BT’s Openreach has been given a stern telling off by consumer affairs TV show Watchdog for the lengthy delay some customers have experienced waiting for their new broadband phone line.

BT's Openreach has been given a stern telling off by consumeraffairs TV show Watchdog for the lengthy delay some customers haveexperienced waiting for their new broadband phone line.

Anne Robinson and a presenter from Rogue Traders scolded BTOpenreach for the ongoing delays and its poor communication skills.One new homeowner featured on the show was told they would have towait seven months for the service to be installed.

The Openreach division currently maintains BT's network of phoneand broadband lines, which also carry services from operators suchas TalkTalk and Sky Broadband. It may be buckling under thepressure of a wave of new customers, something the company alludedto in a statement after the show was aired on Thursday.

Part of the statement read: "We are trying to minimise the typesof problem identified by Watchdog by - for example - recruitingmore people. We have been recruiting 2,400 new engineers in thelast six months alone. We're also carrying out a full investigationinto the cases raised by Watchdog, and will use the lessons welearn to try to do better in future."

It's the not the first time that Openreach has been mentioned onthe programme - it was featured last year in similar circumstances.The company has now set up a website to improve feedback channelsand to help customers see how connection is progressing.

Openreach's push to hire new engineers was already in motionbefore the complaints, as it tries to meet new requirements set outby Ofcom's Quality of Service standards.

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