BT to raise prices and charge for BT Sport

BT’s prices are set to change for its broadband, phone, and TV services, and the provider will begin charging its basic TV customers to watch BT Sport.

Broadband costs usually go up around April, BT said, and this year that means an increase of £2 a month for standard broadband and £2.50 a month for fibre.

Line rental will remain the same, frozen at £18.99, but the costs of some inclusive calls packages will go up - as will the general cost of calls.

BT Sport, meanwhile, will be more expensive as of 1 August - and it won't be free for customers on BT's most basic TV packages, Entertainment Starter or Entertainment Plus, any more.

From 2 April 2017:

  • Standard (ADSL) broadband will increase by £2 a month
  • BT Infinity fibre optic broadband will increase by £2.50 a month
  • Anytime calls will increase by 49p a month
  • Evening and weekend calls will increase by 30p a month
  • Calls (outside of what's included in your package) will increase by 1p a minute
  • Call set-up fees will increase by 2p

And from 1 August 2017:

  • BT Sport will cost £3.50 a month for BT TV customers on anything but the top TV package
  • BT Sport will increase by £1.50 a month for Sky TV customers who have BT broadband
  • BT Sport will increase by £1 for Sky TV customers who don't have BT broadband

If your BT bill goes up, you have the right to cancel your service without penalty. Inform the provider of your intent to cancel within 30 days of being informed of the changes - which BT usually does via email or post - and you won't face cancellation fees.

Source: BBC | TechRadar

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