BT the worst for broadband customer service, Virgin Media is the best

More than a third of broadband customers in the UK are unhappy with the customer service they receive, despite satisfaction levels having risen over the last 12 months, according to a new report by communications regulator Ofcom.

A survey of 6,000 people found that 69% were satisfied with the customer service provided by BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Sky - a 3% increase overall on 2013.

However, overall satisfaction with BT's broadband customer service dropped by 3% to 60%, making it the worst among the four big providers. Last year's loser, TalkTalk, was a non-mover with 62%.

Sky and Virgin Media fared better though. The two providers both saw a big boost in broadband customer satisfaction during 2014. Sky's overall score rose from 71% to 75% and Virgin Media's rose from 71% to 76%, making it the best broadband provider in the country for customer service.

Unsurprisingly, speed was the factor that made most broadband customers in the UK unhappy in 2014, with 19% getting in touch with their provider to complain about it.

Ofcom's research also covered levels of customer satisfaction with mobile networks, TV providers and home phone providers.

Home phone customers were less satisfied than broadband customers in 2014. BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media's overall scores all dropped, but Sky's increased significantly from 69% to 79%, making it the best home phone provider for customer satisfaction in 2014.

Mobile and pay TV customer satisfaction was better than both broadband and landline - only 20% said they were not satisfied with the customer service of their TV provider and 17% for mobile network, compared to 31% for broadband and 33% for home phone.

Sky was the best pay TV provider for customer service in 2014 and Virgin Media the worst - although BT and TalkTalk didn't have enough TV customers to be included. O2 was the best mobile network for customer service, and EE the worst.

Ofcom's research was based on feedback received from customers relating to the service they received from their provider. The quality of service took into account factors such as the standard of advice given, the amount of time it took to deal with issues and the ability and attitude of the advisor.

If you want to switch network or provider, customer service is well worth bearing in mind when you make your decision as a lot of factors than can affect your mobile, TV, internet and home phone, so the chances are you'll need to contact them for help at some point.

Sources: ISP Review, The Daily Telegraph

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