Fewer than half of Brits think they can get superfast broadband

A new survey has revealed that fewer than half of people in the UK believe they can get superfast internet speeds. That’s despite fibre optic coverage now reaching 91% of premises.

Satellite broadband provider ViaSat commissioned research that looks at people's understanding of the state of broadband in the UK. What it found is… they don't really understand the state of UK broadband.

For example, only 48% believe they can access superfast broadband speeds in their area. Over the last few years, the government has invested millions into pushing fibre optic broadband across the country, and has even promised a 10Mb universal service obligation (USO).

Although coverage is still not as widespread as many would like, fibre does now cover 91% of homes and businesses, so evidently the availability is not being adequately promoted.

The majority of respondents also said that they believe broadband expansion is over-focused on London and South-East England. In fact, two thirds said that London had the fastest broadband in Great Britain - but that's simply not true. In fact, Ofcom data pointed to Brighton and Hove, Plymouth and Hartlepool as the best-connected areas.

"Neil Fraser, ViaSat's UK Head of Space and Comms (particularly cool job title), said: "Despite the Government's best efforts to roll-out superfast broadband across the UK, it still has an uphill perception battle to fight. The work of the Government and other organisations is not being recognised by the consumer.

"According to the survey, British consumers see themselves as a nation that is disconnected, which is in stark contrast to the Government's own statistics showing the vast majority have access to superfast services today.

"This failure to deliver in the eyes of the British public comes at a time when British broadband has been under scrutiny; Ofcom just completed its review of Openreach, and 100,000 UK citizens voiced their opinions on the nation's broadband initiatives via the 'Fix Britain's Internet' campaign.

"This is all the reason for the UK Government to show not only if and how they are reaching 90% of the population today, but even more importantly how they plan to reach 100% of the nation in the future."

Source: ISPReview

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