Fibre broadband rollout delayed in Wales

BT has delayed its deployment of superfast broadband to 40,000 homes across parts of Wales, citing issues with gaining access to private land. The provider says it’s faced problems trying to get permission to dig the land in some areas.

"Way-leaves have been - and continue to be - one of our most significant challenges - getting permissions to access the land that we need to access in order to lay the fibre cables," explained Alwen Williams, director of BT Wales.

"At the moment we have around 40,000 homes and businesses that are held up because we have a complex discussion or negotiation going on with various parties about how to gain access to land or permissions to dig, road closures."

He said that the engineering challenges the company faces have been "absolutely immense".

The fibre deployment, part of the Superfast Cymru scheme, hopes to connect the final batch of homes and businesses in Wales that weren't included in the last few rounds of rollouts.

The majority of premises it needs to connect are in rural areas - which are often difficult to reach and need some pretty complex engineering. Cutting through parts of private land is often the only way.

Residents are a little frustrated with the delay. Pembrokeshire business owner Glyn Jones told the BBC: "It's something that we've been longing for some time… Asa company we've given up waiting and we've leased our own superfast line. That will cost the businesses £1,000 a month between them. We can't have broadband hold us back as businesses."

BT continues to work with landowners to find a solution, but it looks like it'll miss a few deadlines.

Source: BBC | ISPReview

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