Get a free Google Next Hub Max with Vodafone Black Friday deals

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Google’s latest, super-sized smart display comes free with Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 packages. But only for a limited period.

Sign up for Vodafone fibre broadband any time between now and 2nd December and and you'll get a free Google Next Hub Max (RRP: £219), as part of Vodafone’s Black Friday broadband promotion.

Billed as a do-it-all smart speaker that’ll be a ‘big help for your busy home’, the Next Hub Max comes free with Vodafone’s Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 packages.

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Vodafone WiFi Hub

Priced £24 per month over an 18-month contract, Superfast 1 gets you an average broadband speed of 35Mbps and a guaranteed minimum speed of 25Mbps, as well as unlimited usage.

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Aimed at busier households and highly rated for online gaming, Superfast 2 gets you an average speed of 63Mbps and a guaranteed minimum speed of 55Mbps. As you might expect, you’ll get unlimited usage on this package too.

The WiFi Hub also allows you to see all the connected devices in your home at any one time, via the Vodafone app, and lets you prioritise WiFi signal for devices around the home.

So if you’re downloading a movie in 4K or a PlayStation game and you’ve not got time to waste, you could prioritise the signal to your set top box or console and complete the download faster.

Under the terms of Vodafone’s Speed Guarantee, fibre broadband customers are entitled to a 15% refund on their bill in the event that their speed drops below the guaranteed minimum for their package.

What’s the Google Next Hub Max like?

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Warmly reviewed and touted as Google’s most advanced smart speaker so far, the Next Hub Max pairs a ten-inch screen with a powerful speaker and a Nest Cam-enabled security mode that lets you keep an eye on your home while you’re out and about.

The voice-activated Alexa-rival allows you to make video calls and send video messages too, as well as manage your compatible devices, such as lights or thermostats, using your voice alone. Or from the dashboard on your smartphone.

When not in use, the Next Hub Max also offers a range of clock faces. Or you can opt for a slideshow of your favourite photos.

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