Government pledges more than £1 billion towards better broadband

Chancellor Philip Hammond has confirmed that tomorrow’s Autumn Statement will set aside a massive £1 billion to improve the UK’s broadband infrastructure - as well as a £740 million pot for trialling 5G mobile services.

Most of the £1 billion fund will go towards deploying fibre optic broadband to as many homes and businesses as possible, an area of our infrastructure where there are still some major gaps. The new fund should help two million extra premises get access, and get a proper rollout of 1Gb (1,000 megabits per second) broadband and 'full' fibre-to-the-premises connections going.

Hammond is "concerned that Britain is falling behind in the race to install the latest fibre optic networks" compared to other countries, according to the Guardian.

A source explained: "Full-fibre is the future of broadband, helping people to share digital content faster with friends and family, stream Ultra-HD TV without buffering, and use virtual reality… It's also more reliable and secure than traditional copper internet cables."

As for 5G - the next generation of mobile services after 4G, set to be faster and able to handle more data - the government wants the UK to be "well placed" in the global running to use it. Local authorities will be able to bid for a bit of that £740 million fund if a network wants to do a trial in the area.

The new Digital Infrastructure Fund is expected to be announced in full in tomorrow's Autumn Statement.

Source: Guardian

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