Hyperoptic rebrands, introduces cheaper ultrafast broadband

Broadband provider Hyperoptic has rebranded and introduced a new, cheaper pricing structure for its ultrafast fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) services.

Hyperoptic currently serves 100,000 homes and businesses incities including London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool,Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow, and aims to extend its networkto half a million customers by 2018.

The provider has refreshed its brand, launching a new websiteand introducing a new logo. There's also a revision in the pricescharged for its services. Hyperoptic has launched a specialdiscount, which reduces the costs of bundles significantly duringthe first six months. That means the ultrafast standalone 1Gbservice costs just £29 a month before reverting to £60 a month.

Hyperoptic also offers mid-tier 100Mb and entry-level 20Mbpackages. The cheapest broadband and phone bundle is now availablefor £4 per month and £9 thereafter, but it's important to note thatthe provider has increased its line rental fees from £12.50 to £16a month.

The company commissioned a survey to coincide with itsrebranding and found that more than 40% of UK consumers wouldfavour a reliable and fast broadband network over a broadband, TVand phone bundle. Some 24% of those surveyed also stated that theyweren't satisfied with their current service.

Hyperoptic's vice president of revenue, Steve Holford said:"Hyperoptic launched in 2011 with the objective to change themarket. With our true fibre approach, we are giving consumers areal alternative, delivering symmetrical gigabit speeds and greatlandline deals, with broadband only optionsavailable.

"Since our inception we have undergone huge growth andtransformation - launching in 12 UK cities and towns and passing100,000 units. Our new brand is designed to be simplistic andrecognisable - and synonymous with the gold-standard of fibrebroadband in the UK."

Source: ISPReview

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