Hyperoptic rolls out 1Gb broadband to first UK housing estate

Property developer Bellway Homes has signed up Hyperoptic to deploy ultrafast broadband connections to a new housing state. Homes in The Bellway at QEII development in Welwyn Garden City will be able to get speeds of up to 1Gb.

Most fibre connections in the UK are still fibre to the cabinet(FTTC), which means that fibre cables run to street cabinets, withcopper wire connecting them to the home. That can drop speeds,leading to common packages advertising up to 76Mb.

Hyperoptic uses fibre to the premises (FTTP), in which the moreefficient fibre cables run directly into the home or business.Without the inefficient copper wire to slow things down, it meansthat broadband speeds in the QEII development will be considerablyfaster than the UK's typical connections.

The QEII is the first housing estate Hyperoptic's hooked up withits broadband - typically the provider targets office blocks ofapartment complexes. The development project includes 163properties, including houses and flats. Those will sell between£319,995 for a two-bedroom coach house, and £484,995 for a four-bedhome.

Steve Holford, chief customer officer at Hyperoptic, said: "Fortoday's modern family, having a reliable fast broadband connectionis an essential utility that is prioritised in the same league asgood schools, a safe neighbourhood and strong transport links.Having a full fibre connection makes a home more attractive forprospective family buyers.

"The difference between an ADSL connection and our full fibreservice is like night and day - we have had phenomenal feedbackfrom customers as we have extended our footprint across the lengthand breadth of the UK."

Source: ISPReview

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