Line rental up for Post Office punters - but broadband prices down

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If you’re a Post Office broadband customer you’re going to have to stump up an extra £2 a month line rental from the start of next year. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as good guy Post Office has lowered the price of its broadband to compensate.

That isn't something that other providers have done as they've announced their now traditional end-of-year line rental price hikes, although TalkTalk has at least halved the price of its TV packages for 12 months.

Post Office line rental will cost £15 a month from 5 January, 2015, up from £13. However this is still pretty bargainous when compared to BT, (£15.99 to £16.99), Sky (£15.40 to £16.40) and TalkTalk (£15.95 to £16.70).

If you've got the HomePhone & Broadband Essential package, you'll be pleased to hear the amount you pay for it will be reduced from £7 to £5 a month. The price of the HomePhone & Broadband Premium package will also be cut to £8 a month, down from £10. This means, overall, you won't pay any more than you are now.

However, there are other price rises that aren't compensated for elsewhere. Daytime calls to 0845, 0870, local and national numbers will cost 9.5p a minute, a penny more than they do now. The cost of the Evening & Weekend Calls option - previously included free with broadband and phone packages - will increase by 25p to £1.50 a month..

In addition, the Post Office's Line Rental Saver, which allows you to save money by paying 12 months' line rental upfront and currently costs £120, will set you back £144 from January.

If you're a Post Office broadband customer and you're not happy with the price rises, despite its attempts to compensate for them, the good news is that, if you signed up to your package on or after 23 January, 2014, you have 30 days from when the Post Office notifies you of them to cancel your contract without being charged for doing so.

Sources: ISP Review, Post Office

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