Inner-city London missing out on fibre

According to new government statistics, inner-city urban areas are among the worst in the country for broadband coverage. Central locations in London and Hull are still struggling to access superfast connections despite government projects to improve under-served areas.

Data shows that just 31% of homes and businesses in The Citiesof London and Westminster parliamentary constituency can accessspeeds of above 24Mb. Inner London areas Bethnal Green, Bermondsey,Westminster North and Old Southwark, Bow and Poplar are also amongthe least connected areas in the country.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has invested £1.7billion to extend fibre optic broadband in hard-to-reach areasacross the UK but has admitted that competition rules preventingstate intervention has made it difficult to improve coverage ininner-city locations.

It states that these areas should be served by commercialrollouts by providers such as Virgin Media, but telecoms firmsargue that it's not worth the investment to service the areas ofcentral London where there are few residential homes.

As a result, certain areas of London are less connected thanrural areas, which are generally easier for the government toinvest in. Labour MP for Bethnal Green, Rushanara Ali, said thegovernment was "letting down thousands of households in the EastEnd" and described the failure as "ludicrous."

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said that it is now in theprocess of extending super-fast connections to 100,000 new homes inurban areas including Shoreditch and Barking.

Source: The Guardian

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