Merseyside fibre rollout project is extended

Around 3,000 extra homes and businesses in Merseyside are to get access to superfast broadband. The Merseyside Connected project, a collaboration between five local councils and BT, will start later this year.

More than 60,000 premises in Liverpool, Bootle and beyond havebeen given access to superfast broadband through the MerseysideConnected project. Around 90% of homes and businesses in the areacan now get access to speeds of more than 24Mb.

The project has been paid for by a combination of council money,cash from the government's Broadband Delivery UK scheme, funds fromEurope and private investment from BT. Under its initial contract,BT agreed to reinvest money to the project if enough peopleswitched to fibre packages, to further improve coverage.

More than 25% of premises in the area have taken up fast fibreconnections, so BT has refunded £2 million to the project.

The extra funding will be used to expand the project to areasnot included in the original rollout plan. That means fibre willsoon be available in Knowsley Business Park, Liverpool and SeftonDocks, Birkenhead Waterfront, Wirral Waters, Wirral InternationalBusiness Park, Haydock, Bootle Office Quarter, Stonebridge Crossand Edge Lane.

Councillor Gary Miller, said: "Investing public money in fibrebroadband helps sustain our rural communities and maintainsMerseyside's competitive edge as a business destination. It alsoallows homeowners to do things that need a faster internetconnection like accessing skills and learning, entertainment andother social connections."

Source: ISPReview

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