Mystery outages affect BT broadband on the same day its price rises

Scores of BT broadband customers were left scratching their heads yesterday when they were unable to access web pages due to intermittent, mystery outages - on the same day as the telecoms giant raised the price of its line rental.

According to the BT service status page, the issue was resolved by 10pm last night. The accompanying comment said: "We have fixed the issue that caused some customers to experience problems accessing webpages. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused."

Yesterday just before 8am the @BTCare Twitter account tweeted: "We're aware that some customers are finding it difficult to access web pages. Sorry if you're affected, we're working to fix this asap."

BT also issued a statement that said: "We're aware of an intermittent issue that's affecting some broadband customers. Our engineers are working to resolve this as quickly as possible."

It was a case of injury being added to insult for BT broadband customers, with the issue arising on the very day BT increased its line rental prices by £1 a month. BT is far from alone in doing this though, with the Post Office, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all upping the price of their line rental, which is now something of a Christmas tradition for broadband providers.

Many BT customers were left bemused by the outages and vented their frustration on Twitter, with photographer, blogger and dark elf Felice Fawn tweeting: "So it isn't me just losing my mind. What on earth is going on?"

The problem affected those streaming video and other content too, with streamer and unicorn @LeeWorezGaming tweeting: "Yeah I was going to tweet you about this, kind of inconvenient seeing as I wanted to stream on [video platform for gamers] @Twitch."

If you're at BT customer and you're still having problems, contact BT on your landline on 0800 111 4567 or your mobile on 0330 123 4567, via email at or on Twitter @BTCare. You can check your line by entering your telephone number on the BT service status page.

Source: CNet UK

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