Netflix reveals your broadband provider’s average speed

As if giving us Stranger Things wasn’t enough, streaming service Netflix has released data telling us the average download speed the site sees from the UK’s major broadband providers.

Of course, these download speeds aren't the average that the providers give their customers on their connections as a whole - it's just the average speed Netflix itself gets. The service only requires certain speeds, and the rest of your bandwidth is used by all the other website, gadgets, and apps using your broadband.

Nonetheless, though… it's an interesting insight.

Here are the average download speeds Netflix has recorded for our major broadband providers over the last few years, measured in megabits per second:

2016 2015 2014 2013
Virgin Media 3.77 3.98 3.49 2.99
BT 3.71 3.78 3.19 2.66
Plusnet 3.44 3.48 n/a n/a
TalkTalk 3.33 3.42 2.81 2.35
Sky 3.31 3.33 2.87 2.44
EE 3.31 3.27 2.82 2.32

So, Virgin Media has come out on top - which isn't surprising, really. On all the other providers, a lot of users will be on the most basic package, which offers download speeds up to 17Mb in all these cases. The most basic Virgin Media broadband, however, has speeds up to a much higher 50Mb.

It's also interesting to note that every single provider on the list scored lower than it did last year. Perhaps more people are on Netflix's Basic service - which requires lower download speeds - than they were in 2015, or maybe most of us choose to watch things in lower definition, particularly if we're watching on a smartphone or tablet.

Netflix requires a speed of 0.5Mb to use its service at all; and recommends 1.5Mb overall, 3Mb for standard definition video, and 5Mb for HD video. So what the majority of us are watching will certainly affect the results.

For a more accurate idea of your own broadband speed, we'd recommend using a speed tester.

Source: ISPReview

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