New Ofcom rules to make broadband switching easier

Broadband customers will now find it easier to switch to a new provider, following the arrival of new rules that came into effect this weekend. Ofcom has introduced a 'one touch' system that will speed up the switching process.

The telecoms regulator stated earlier this month that the process was unduly complex and confusing for customers. It says it's hopeful that the changes will now make it much easier for customers to choose the best deals available to them.

Ofcom introduced the new system on Saturday 20 June, which will place the responsibility for the landline or broadband switch in the hands of the provider that the customer is moving to, rather than moving from. This means that the new provider will have to complete the necessary work to move the contract.

Ofcom said: "Once the switching process is under way, the consumer will receive written confirmation from both the old and new provider. If the consumer changes their mind, they can cancel the switch."

The new regulation will affect 80% of broadband customers in the UK and will apply to providers on BT's Openreach infrastructure, including TalkTalk, Sky, and BT, but not Virgin Media, which uses a different network.

Ofcom chief executive, Sharon White, said: "The new process puts the responsibility for the switching process in the hands of the provider the customer is joining."

"This will make a real difference for consumers, and will encourage more people to take advantage of very strong competition in the landline and broadband markets."

The regulator has also introduced rules to prevent 'slamming,' where broadband customers are switched to another provider without their consent.

Source: V3

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